Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Guests... and Maybe Evacuation!

Okay, so here we are on Saturday afternoon. My dear Mother-in-Law, Mama Roy, Aunt Alice, and one of Mom's teaching coworkers are all on their way to our house from Lousiana. They are also bringing Minnie (Maltese) and Maggie (Schnauzer) with them. It will be a nice slumber party! Then tomorrow or the next day we might all have to leave our house here in East Texas due to Hurricane Gustav. Well, I am a Florida Girl so I know about hurricanes. Need to get supplies... water(first and foremost), then the other essentials: rum, pineapple juice, oh... what else do we make Hurricanes with? Need to call my brother Petie and ask! Have you ever had to evacuate your home?


Yoel Reina said...

Hey!!! Stay safe with the 'cane! my brother is in Texas as well, I just don't think he knows Gustav is on the way... I am sure you're all stocked up in water & food. I never really had to evacuate from a hurricane, but then again, I have never been in a Hurricane before, I am kinda of excited for the one headed towards Florida. Tornados is what scares the heck out of me.

Anyway, keep your family & friends very safe and give them some of your water & food, just not too much. ;P If you're supplies start to dwindle make sure you start charging them 50 cents per water bottle. (They are allowed to put it all on tab.)

Good luck & Stay Safe!

I got the coupons thank you so much, I haven't opened the envelope yet, but I will when I wake up, it is 11:39 AM, but I am going to take a nap, Pete isn't answering his phone because he is over-sleeping again. Oh and I hung out with Patrick & Amanda yesterday, we went CVS'ing and played some Call of Duty 4 (Pats vid game.) They are really two great people and I am so happy that they got their house, they deserve it. Your all such amazing people. Except Pete.... he's aight.

Terry said...

Hi, Yoel! Sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. We have been very busy. Where is your brother at in Texas? Thanks for the well wishes... You are so welcome for the coupons... I will be sure to send more! And I am happy that you have been spending time w/ Patrick and Mandy...they like you! Talk to you soon! love, ~t