Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'M BACK IN BUSINESS!...and so are my GATORS!

Okay, I am so happy to be back to my blog! It has been so hectic around here.
First, Hurricane Ike was not fun. However, it was not "the storm of the century" as they have been saying on the local news here in Houston. No, not quite!

Yes, it was inconvenient.
Yes, it was very, very hot and humid without electricity.
Yes, not having electricity for over 2 weeks did not make my top ten list of happy things.
But... it was not the storm of the century.
That was a storm of a different name in another place.

So... I was not able to post during the time of no electricity. ( obviously)
Then... I had to catch up on work stuff.
Now... TD is getting ready for his NEW JOB!

We are moving to Oklahoma!
I do not know too much about OK, but am looking forward to meeting new people that I hear are really nice there!

Good news... Boo Boo and Mandy closed on their new house yesterday. I am so happy for them! Congrats! I will post pics when I get them!

Now, for an important announcement... Tonight Casa de Mineau is a HOUSE DIVIDED!
That means that LSU is playing the MIGHTY FLORIDA GATORS @ THE SWAMP!
Go, Gators!

TD and I both agreed that our respective teams will win, but we will be happy for the other person when their team wins. Which will mean that TD will be happy for me when the GATORS win!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Ike!

Photobucket Okay, so here we are, getting ready for Hurricane Ike! TD has to work and his job will not allow him to evacuate. Therefore, I did not want to evacuate without him. We will either stay here at the house or we will go to TD's work place to hunker down. According to the current model, the path of Ike is coming straight for us. I am not so much worried about the water as I am the wind. As long as we are together with Bita and Mineau, then I am happy. We will see what happens!

September 11, 2001... God Bless America

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

computer trouble

Sorry for not writing any new posts for the past week. My internet has been out and Comcast, being the great monopoly that it is, has said that a technician cannot come out until next Thursday. Well, my internet went out last Saturday. This happened two months ago, as well. Needless to say, I am not impressed at all with Comcast. Additionally, our cable keeps going out. In fact, the cable kept going out last night when we were watching Keith Urban perform on the NFL Kickoff show! The nerve of Comcast! It better not go out tomorrow when the BUCS play! How about you? Are you happy with your internet and cable service?

Go Gators!

Photobucket Well, the Florida Gators are at it again! Winning! The game tonight against Miami was a little too close for my taste at the beginning. The Gators came through big time, though! And so did the USF Bulls! Now I am happy. I will be thrilled tomorrow when the Bucs beat the Saints! Who is your favorite college team?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Learning Ebay from the Expert

This is my brother Ricky. He is a Power Seller on ebay and he is teaching me so much! I went to his house during my last visit home to Florida and I learned a gazillion things! Thanks, Ricky! By the way, if you ever get a chance, visit his store on ebay: All for Tito!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Guests... and Maybe Evacuation!

Okay, so here we are on Saturday afternoon. My dear Mother-in-Law, Mama Roy, Aunt Alice, and one of Mom's teaching coworkers are all on their way to our house from Lousiana. They are also bringing Minnie (Maltese) and Maggie (Schnauzer) with them. It will be a nice slumber party! Then tomorrow or the next day we might all have to leave our house here in East Texas due to Hurricane Gustav. Well, I am a Florida Girl so I know about hurricanes. Need to get supplies... water(first and foremost), then the other essentials: rum, pineapple juice, oh... what else do we make Hurricanes with? Need to call my brother Petie and ask! Have you ever had to evacuate your home?