Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'M BACK IN BUSINESS!...and so are my GATORS!

Okay, I am so happy to be back to my blog! It has been so hectic around here.
First, Hurricane Ike was not fun. However, it was not "the storm of the century" as they have been saying on the local news here in Houston. No, not quite!

Yes, it was inconvenient.
Yes, it was very, very hot and humid without electricity.
Yes, not having electricity for over 2 weeks did not make my top ten list of happy things.
But... it was not the storm of the century.
That was a storm of a different name in another place.

So... I was not able to post during the time of no electricity. ( obviously)
Then... I had to catch up on work stuff.
Now... TD is getting ready for his NEW JOB!

We are moving to Oklahoma!
I do not know too much about OK, but am looking forward to meeting new people that I hear are really nice there!

Good news... Boo Boo and Mandy closed on their new house yesterday. I am so happy for them! Congrats! I will post pics when I get them!

Now, for an important announcement... Tonight Casa de Mineau is a HOUSE DIVIDED!
That means that LSU is playing the MIGHTY FLORIDA GATORS @ THE SWAMP!
Go, Gators!

TD and I both agreed that our respective teams will win, but we will be happy for the other person when their team wins. Which will mean that TD will be happy for me when the GATORS win!


Yoel Reina said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!! Terry!! Whats up??? Long time no write; I am glad you made it through the Hurricane without a scratch. If I had lost my electricity for more than two hours; I would freak out. Yeah... I take it for granted, I know.

I am not surprised the media called Ike "the storm of the century"; they've been doing that for the last few storms; I guess they are fishing for a promotion but aren't lucky enough with their predictions.

I am not a big football fan, so this upcoming game won't be such a big impact to me... I hope your gators win though! Long as they do not disturb my Giants! Last time we spoke I was starting the CVS and such with Pete, unfortunately, I have had a nightmare with CVS; I lost money and my carebucks have expired (40 dollars in ECBS). In one of the CVS's I overpaid since the dumb dumb did not take my coupon and I was too embarassed to say "Ok nevermind then". The next CVS two dominican guys kept my change.... yeah my fault, we were having a good conversation about eBay. And the third time some black lady laid waste to my coupon. =(

So; I have quit CVS, but I may be restarting it soon. I am trying to get some stuff situated first; Going to be having a change of job and all so. Prioritizing things before dedicating myself to a new activity!

Hope to hear from you soon!


If you see this 'Whats up Rick?'

Yoel Reina said...