Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Ready for Ike!

Photobucket Okay, so here we are, getting ready for Hurricane Ike! TD has to work and his job will not allow him to evacuate. Therefore, I did not want to evacuate without him. We will either stay here at the house or we will go to TD's work place to hunker down. According to the current model, the path of Ike is coming straight for us. I am not so much worried about the water as I am the wind. As long as we are together with Bita and Mineau, then I am happy. We will see what happens!

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Yoel Reina said...

Hey! I hope everything is running fine with you! My brother came out alright, although his pool ended up with a bunch of nasty water and he has a lot of cleaning to do! I think Pete said you will be out of power for about two to three weeks. That must suck, I can't live without my PC!!!! Hopefully I will hear from ya on the blog or from Pete when you give him a call! God bless & Talk to you soon!